Ben Shapiro Accidentally SHATTERS Pro-Life Argument

Ben Shapiro accidentally shatters his usual pro-life stance. John Iadarola and Erin Ryan break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro, who once railed against the specter of Obamacare “death panels,” said on Wednesday that the country would have to make “actuarial” decisions about the risks of reopening the economy while noting that 81-year-old grandmas dying of Covid-19 is “not the same thing” as a 30-year-old succumbing to the virus.

Shapiro made his comments to the Rubin Report YouTube program. In it, he talke at length about the public policy calculus that governors must use to when timing the start of the rollback of rigid lockdown and social distancing rules that health experts have attributed to a lower spread and death toll.

“You’re going to have to acknowledge that it might cause another spike, that’s a little scarier, like actually admitting the truth rather than just say ‘No, we’re just going to lockdown forever,” host Dave Rubin said, teeing up the discussion. Some governors, like Texas’ Greg Abbott and Georgia’s Brian Kemp, have aggressively pushed to relax their state’s quarantine rules this week, even though not one state in the country has fulfilled the Trump administration’s recommended 14-day decline in coronavirus cases to begin Phase One reopening."

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