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Biden Cronies PANIC Over Tara Reade Coverage

Biden cronies panic over Tara Reade coverage. Who do they want fired? John Iadarola and Erin Ryan break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"Two true and heavy statements: First, there is no more important task for Americans who care about their country’s future than to defeat Donald Trump in November. Second, it’s time for Joe Biden supporters—from the enthusiastic Ridin’ with Biden bumper-sticker types to those who would sign their ballots cast for him “Reluctantly”— to take the sexual-misconduct allegations against him seriously. 

I realize that the allegations Tara Reade has leveled against Biden are not a fun thing to think about right now. It all feels so precarious. Thanks to our drunken Rube Goldberg machine of a nominating process, Biden is the only man standing between us and four more years of Donald Trump, a dumpy, wet-mouthed crook who believes that scientists might be able to cure the deadly respiratory infection by injecting UV light into a living human’s lungs. 

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