July 5, 2022

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Constituents Say They’re Tired Of Marjorie Taylor Greene Embarrassing Them

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Marjorie Taylor Greene is expected to cruise to an easy victory in both her primary race and the general election, but some of the people who have supported her in the past in her district are now saying that they are tired of her embarrassing them. Her opponents in the primary have also called her out as a loud mouth that loves to go "bonkers" in front of a camera, but so far that hasn’t damaged her enough to cause any electoral problems. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

Link – https://www.rawstory.com/marjorie-taylor-greene-2657337825/

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Marjorie Taylor green right now, after having survived the election challenge against her, she’s allowed to be on the ballot. She’s in a deep red district. She’s polling ahead of her competitors. So not only is she very likely going to win this, uh, primary, she’s got coming up, not too far from now, but she’s clearly also going to win the general election. Again, it’s a deep red, Republican plus 50 district. She’s going back to Congress and that sucks, but maybe this will be her final term. And the reason I say that is because more and more reports have been coming out, talking about how her constituents really getting sick of her. And again, with, I mean, at this point, just days away from that Republican primary, this is what one of Marjorie Taylor Green’s constituents had to say, she’s an embarrassment. She seems nice enough, but to get her in front of a microphone and she goes bonkers, okay, first of all, I don’t know what she has done, you know, in the last two years.

And even before that, that makes you think that she’s nice enough as a person. I mean, again, like I’ve said, we’ve seen the creepy videos that she has put out the time she was in the middle of a workout and then stopped and said, Joe Biden, you’re a piece of. And then just went back to workout. Like, no, she doesn’t seem like a nice person at all. She’s a horrible human being. And you’re right though. Every time you put her in front of a microphone, she goes bonkers. Right? The latest conspiracy theory that she’s pushing is that Democrats are intentionally burning down, uh, food processing plants. So we have to starve Americans because somehow she doesn’t know how she admits. She doesn’t know how, but she thinks the Democrats think that that benefits them. But there’s other constituents too, constituents that by the way, happen to be running against her in this primary.

So let’s read what a couple of these primary opponents she has. Five has to say. First one is I think we have a lot of serious issues going on today. And I think we need a serious representative who wants to actually drive positive change and not just celebrity. Another one says you’re supposed to go to Washington to work, but the people of the 14th district elected you to represent them in their needs. And for 15 months, we’ve had no representation. She’s on no committees. And she cries about, oh, everybody’s picking on me, but it’s always somebody else’s fault. Again, they’re not wrong. All Marjorie Taylor green cares about is how many cameras can she get in front of that day? Right? How many microphones can she go bonkers in front of, you know, to paraphrase the one constituent? Because that’s what, it’s all. It’s all about me. Me, me, me. Me. Yes. I’ve done nothing for my district. Yes. I’ve been kicked off my committees. Yes.

I have not had any legislation that was successful. Yes. I voted against to the very programs and stimulus packages that would’ve directly benefited my district. But Hey, vote for me again because it’s a Republican district and you folks don’t know any better. And that’s the argument, right? That’s the argument that a lot of strategists have made. And I think that’s the strategist basically working with her opponents that say, Hey, listen, two years ago, nobody knew, nobody knew she was like, this she’s just new up and comer never been in politics or like, great. You’re gonna drain the swamp and you get up there and you turn into this total nut case, except she didn’t turn into it. It was just revealed that this is who she was. And of course the videos that came out after she was elected. But before she ran for office show that she’s always been this person.

This is who she’s always been. It’s weird. It’s creepy. It’s dangerous. But this is her. So these opponents assumed that, okay, everybody knows she’s bonkers. Now we can come in here, present ourselves as, yeah, we’re hardcore Republicans, but we’re also sane. And we’re gonna steal this election from her and we’re gonna go to Washington and Nope, it’s not happening. The real problem is not just Marjorie Taylor green.

Source: Farron Balanced

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