July 5, 2022

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Fox News Host Hilariously Smacks Down Dr Oz For Lying About Poll Numbers

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Fox News host Bill Hemmer had to remind Dr. Oz that he is losing – badly – to John Fetterman in the polls, even though Fetterman has had to take a break from campaigning. Oz tried to shrug off the correction by claiming that the polls didn’t represent the "unification" of the Republican Party after the primary happened, but that’s the exact OPPOSITE of what the post-primary poll is showing. Farron Cousins explains what’s really happening to Oz.

Link – https://www.rawstory.com/fox-news-calls-out-mehmet-oz/

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Dr. MEIT Oz recently appeared on Fox news where he talked about how he’s doing pretty dang good in the polling. And then of course, Fox news host bill Himer had to hilariously remind him that you’re actually losing by nine points in the most recent poll. So things aren’t looking so good for you but in true Oz fashion, he took the reality, the truth, and just decided, Hey, I don’t care about any of that. And he made up a bunch of excuses. So here he is Dr. Oz and bill. Hemer talking about the polling data, take a look,

They’ll vote on those issues and they’ll vote for me. You

Essentially have an open field right now. I, John Federman is not campaigning. That that must be an enormous advantage for you. At least in the early stage, it seems pretty obvious,

Right? And I’m working my tail off and I like

Opportunity if that’s the case not to win a race, like this would be a shocker. Don’t you think?

I, I, I think I should be favored. I think I probably am. In fact, in the betting lines, I am, but I’m not betting on my own race in that way,

But, but that poll suggests you’re traveling significantly.

It, you know, if you look at that poll fascinating, if Republicans, when they realize that we are unified party, and that’s what I spent this past week doing, traveling from Pittsburgh up to area across the, the Lancaster and Harrisburg up to beautiful Wilbury. When you part world the in and all the Senate candidates that I was competing against have endorsed me that party rapidly unifies. Yeah, they did that already happened in democratic party a month ago.

So again, bill Hemer is like, actually you’re losing in that poll and then Oz just blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Let me explain all this away with all this made up stuff. And honestly, um, I wish him had come back on and said, wait, wait, wait, you’re still lying about the polls, cuz he is see, here’s the thing about this USA. Today’s Suffolk poll that they’re talking about where Federman is up by nine points. Cuz I went through and actually read the poll. And I don’t know that Dr. Oz did. So here’s what it actually says. Yep. Betterman’s up by nine points. But contrary to what Dr. Oz says, it’s not because Republicans haven’t United, this is actually a post-primary poll. So that whole like, oh, they came together after the primary, eh, the poll shows they actually did not. In fact, 10% of Republican respondents in the poll say they’re gonna vote for Federman.

Whereas only 6% of Democrats in the poll say that they’re likely to switch and vote for Oz. So there is more cohesion among the Democrats than there is Republicans, but it’s not because, oh, we’re waiting for the dust to settle. The dust is settled, dude, it’s settled. And the Republicans are still not overwhelmingly supporting you. In fact, this poll also shows that Federman has a 45% approval rating. Not bad Oz on the other hand has a 50% disapproval rating. According to this poll that he’s just trying to explain away like, oh, just wait for the Republicans all to come together. They already have man. And you’re losing by nine points. And honestly, if 10% of Republicans are saying, they’re not gonna vote for us, they’re gonna go over to Federman. That’s 10% and you’re losing by nine. I mean, hell, it’s the Republicans not coming together.

That’s actually pushing Federman into a bigger lead, even though he’s not even campaigning right now because he’s recovering from his stroke and for the record, wish him a full, speedy recovery. I hope he kicks Oz’s in this race. And if things continue this way, it looks like he will too. Federman is exactly the kind of voice that progressives need in the United States Senate. And as we all know, this is a very important seat. If the Democrats can seek out a victory here, it may just prevent control of the Senate from going over to the Republicans. That’s how big this one particular race is. And Dr. Oz keeps like tripping over himself. don’t don’t wanna get pro with that. As the expression goes, he keeps tripping over himself because he refuses much like Donald Trump to look at reality.

Source: Farron Balanced

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