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Hannity CRACKS Over Blood On His Hands

Sean Hannity cracks on air because he has blood on his hands. John Iadarola breaks it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"Sean Hannity went on a lengthy tear against the New York Times Monday night over a piece that got a lot of attention over the weekend about a Fox News viewer skeptical of the coronavirus who recently passed away.

It quotes early comments from Hannity’s “proclaiming that he didn’t like the way that the American people were getting scared ‘unnecessarily.’ He saw it all, he said, ‘as like, let’s bludgeon Trump with this new hoax.’”

Hannity went off on New York Times columnist Ginia Bellafante for “pretty much all but accus[ing] yours truly of murder.”

“In order to smear yours truly, they literally — this woman exploited a man’s tragic death. She willingly, maliciously, purposefully, took something I said completely out of context,” he continued. He also noted he made those remarks after Joyce left for his cruise."

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