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Is Trump Looking to Buy OANN?

Host John Iadarola is first joined by Ryan Grim, Washington Bureau Chief at The Intercept and TYT contributor, to break down today’s headlines.

More evidence emerges in the insider trading scandal in which members of Congress strategically sold and bought stock to profit off of the pandemic. Ohio employers are being encouraged to report employees who don’t show up to work due to the pandemic, in an effort to deprive them of unemployment benefits.

John will then be joined by Nando Vila, host of the “Let’s Pod it Out” podcast, to break down the rest of today’s news.

More details emerge about the failed coup in Venezuela, where the Trump Administration tried and failed to oust President Nicolás Maduro. There might be a secret reason the Trump family keeps plugging the OANN news channel. A Miami man lost it and started ranting about conspiracy theories when asked to wear a mask in a public store. Trump picks a top donor as the new head of the USPS.

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"Donald Trump and White House officials refused to wear face coverings while touring a Honeywell factory in Phoenix, Arizona, where workers are manufacturing N95 masks, despite warnings posted onsite to do so. Instead, the president wore goggles.

Before leaving the White House on Tuesday morning, he said: "I think it’s a mask facility, right? If it’s a mask facility, I will. Yeah. I don’t know if it’s a mask facility. … We’re going to see Honeywell. They have done an incredible job on many fronts. And so I’m going to pay my respects to a great company and a great state: the state of Arizona."

He added: "They make N95. And they do — and they make them good. They don’t make the ones that don’t work, like we got sent from certain other countries. No, no — like other people got sent from other countries.""

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