May 24, 2022

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Jamie Raskin Obliterates Lauren Boebert In House Speech

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Lauren Boebert took to the House floor this week to give a brief presentation about the alleged "censorship" efforts of the Biden administration. But not long after she finished, Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin pointed out a vital flaw in her argument, which ended up embarrassing the Colorado lawmaker – and could continue embarrassing her into the future, as Farron Cousins explains.

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Lauren. Bobert decided to take her anger to the house floor this week, which is about the only thing she ever brings to the house floor. When she started railing against the Biden administration so-called ministry of truth, right? The department of Homeland securities arm that is now going to fight misinformation somehow here in the United States, I’ve said right here, sitting in this chair, talking to you that I don’t think it’s a good idea for them to do this, but conservatives are acting like we’re headed straight for 1984 and we could eventually get there, right? Because this is a stupid idea. That absolutely could be abused, but Lauren Bobert took it a step too far. Right? She had claimed that Democrats wanna censor Republicans. So after she finished speaking democratic representative, Jamie Raskin took to the floor to call Bobert out for her idiotic comments. And of course, explain why Democrats have no desire at all to censor the idiotic statements of Republicans. So take a look at what happened on the house floor this week. Here’s the clip.

Cause extremists are scared of what expired Elon Musk, ventilating, social media doesn’t go far enough. And this feeds to be defunded, no longer recognize

To do here. And unlike some of our colleagues on the other side, we’re not interested in censoring other people’s speech. We want the whole world to see how the gentle lady from Colorado speaks in public as a member of Congress. We want everyone to look at that meantime

Now Raske is absolutely right there. And I love that. He called her out and I love what he mentioned there. Like, why would we wanna censor you guys? You’re the dumbest people on the planet. And we want people to understand that we want people to see how crazy and extreme you are. We don’t want anybody censored, which for the record is actually the same argument I used. And a lot of other folks in this progressive media business that I’ve spoken to recently, like we are happy. Elon Musk is bringing Trump back to Twitter or is open to the idea of UN banning him, whatever you want to call it. Trump coming back to Twitter does the same thing that not censoring Lauren Bobert does. It shows the world how extreme and stupid and crazy they are. And that’s a good thing. Folks. Think back to Donald Trump himself, right?

One of the biggest complaints among conservatives was that they liked his policies. They didn’t like how he behaved on Twitter. They specifically would mention his Twitter feed as what turned them off of him. And conservatives think liberals are, you know, oh, we don’t want Trump back on Twitter. Bring him back today. Like literally today, right now I absolutely would love that because that would be the biggest gift that the left has received in very, you know, probably in decades at this point, we need it. We want Trump back on Twitter, just like we don’t wanna C Lauren Bobert or Marjorie Taylor green or Madison coauthor. Let these people speak because they do far more damage to themselves than we on the left could ever dream of doing to them. Right? Marjorie Taylor, green, opening up her mouth, making some of the most racist and horrid comments.

You can imagine her own words, take her down more than any attack I could ever level at her. Same thing with Lauren Bobert to a degree because bobbers got a couple more skeletons in her closet. Some of them, you know, in that bowling alley thing. Um, but other than that, she’s a lunatic, in my opinion, and letting people see the lunacy of these Republicans is the best thing that we can do. Keep in mind folks, a majority of people in this country do not on a daily basis, consume political news, not from the left, not from the right, not from cable news, not from YouTube channels, not from anything. They just go about their average every day. Right? But occasionally what some of them do is they log into Twitter. You know what they see on Twitter, they see chaos, they see utter madness. They see things trending that they don’t understand, but they click on it and suddenly they realized, oh wow, this Bobert character

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