July 5, 2022

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Lauren Boebert Reminds Everyone Why She’s The Dumbest Member Of Congress

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In the aftermath of the tragedy in Texas this week, Republicans have been tripping over themselves to avoid tackling the real problems facing this country. And even with immeasurable stupidity coming from the GOP, Lauren Boebert emerged as the absolute dumbest of the bunch with her comments on the massacre. Farron Cousins explains what happened.

Link – https://www.businessinsider.com/boebert-rejects-gun-control-after-shooting-didnt-ban-planes-911-2022-5

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Over the past week, we have not seen a shortage of stupid takes coming mostly from Republicans about how to handle the gun crisis here in the United States. Ted Cruz thinks we don’t need to address guns. We need to address doors, Marjorie Taylor green, and others say that it’s not a, it’s not a gun problem. It’s a, we’re not listening to God enough problem. And there have been plenty of other stupid folks, but nobody has emerged dumber this week than of course, Lauren Bobert during an interview with Sean Hannity this week, Lauren, Bobert had this to say about the crisis in America. When nine 11 happened, we didn’t ban planes. We secured the cockpit. I want our schools secured. I, I want their children protected and I want teachers that can protect themselves and their students. And do you know what? We can achieve this without trying to disarm law abiding citizens.

True. And nobody’s calling for the complete disarmament of American citizens, at least nobody in a serious position of power. Sure. There’s some folks online who say that, but in reality, nobody that could actually do anything about it is saying disarm everyone. But Lauren, the reason you have the dumbest take here is because we didn’t just secure the cockpits after nine 11, it changed air travel across the globe forever in ways that we’re still dealing with today, uh, full body scanners. Weren’t in fact, a thing at most airports prior to nine 11, taking your shoes off to get on a plane. Wasn’t a thing. We make sure that we go through everything, taking your laptops outta your backpacks. All of this was changed because of nine 11. And that’s just a small portion of it. And we did it of course, to keep people safe. We have a federal no-fly list, right?

We, we scan people. We check IDs, we double check IDs. We don’t let just anybody waltz into an airport anymore. You know, back in the day, I’m sure a lot of people watching this. Remember you used to be able to go into an airport without a ticket, walk through security and take your, your family, your spouse, your boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever it is your kids, all the way to the gate. Hell you used to be able to meet people at the gate instead of having to meet them down at the baggage claim. All of that changed because we put new rules in place to protect people. And yes, some of these rules are a little bit annoying, but it’s done to keep people safe. It wasn’t just secure the cockpit. It was an act all kinds of federal regulations to make sure that this never happened again. And most importantly, with that no fly list to make sure that potentially dangerous people didn’t have access to these things that are used to kill people. In the case of nine 11, it was planes.

We, we don’t have that here in the United States on the federal level to prevent dangerous people, potentially dangerous people from getting their hands on weapons like semiautomatic rifles, capable of killing dozens of people in just a few seconds. So you see if, if we were using your same logic, if we were enacting the same kinds of regulations that we did in a post nine 11 world, we would be able to prevent more of these tragedies Lauren, but you don’t seem to understand that because like most Republicans, you don’t want to understand it. And isn’t that always the problem with, with things like this, with these tragedies, you have deeply unserious people who are in charge of handling serious problems and that never ends well for.

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