July 5, 2022

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Melts Down As Aide Who Defaced Her Signs Isn’t Prosecuted

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A Democratic staffer was recently busted as the individual who has been "defacing" Marjorie Taylor Greene’s homophobic sign outside her Congressional office, and Greene spent an entire day on Twitter fuming about the fact that the individual isn’t going to be prosecuted. Marking up a sign with sharpies and stickers isn’t exactly an offense that a prosecutor would waste their time on, anyway, but Greene swears this isn’t over. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

Link – https://justthenews.com/government/congress/democrat-congressmans-staffer-caught-defacing-posters-capitol-complex-doj-wont

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Marjorie Taylor green has spent the last couple days on Twitter having an absolute meltdown over the fact that the individual who has been defacing, her transphobic sign outside of her congressional office has been identified. And it actually happens to be the chief of staff to a democratic representative. It’s the chief of staff to, uh, Massachusetts Democrat, Jake Kinlaw. He was caught on camera. He is the one who has been defacing, Marjorie Taylor green sign that says there are only two genders, which of course she put up because the member of Congress across the hall from her has a transgender child and she was doing it to be a massive, massive piece of trash. And over the year, the sign has been defaced multiple times. She’s had to go out and get new ones made because somebody keeps writing on it with Sharpies and putting Bible quotes on it and putting stickers on it. And she wanted this individual prosecuted and the capital police. Again, they identified this as the chief of staff to, uh, representative akin clause and they recommended it for prosecution.

And then the DOJ said, yeah, we’re not gonna prosecute this. Honestly, it would be a waste of time to prosecute something like this. You’re talking about vandalism, you know, less than like $250. It would cost more for the department to prosecute this individual, uh, than it would be worth. And of course you wouldn’t be able to get any actual jail time out of it. So you’re gonna spend thousands and thousands of dollars to prosecute an individual for putting some stickers on Marjorie Taylor greens, transphobic sign, rans, phobic sign, but she’s. So she’s again spent the last couple days on Twitter. Let me read some of these tweets from her. They’re hilarious. this is Tuesday morning. Good morning from our nation’s capital where you a O DC refuses to prosecute Democrat Jake off chief of staff, Tim. He some, even though capital police referred him for criminal charges, the role of the DOJ is to enforce federal laws. Biden’s DOJ only selectively enforces federal laws. They choose to prosecute the illegals, breaking our laws at the border. Don’t matter to them. Record high. Oh listen, let me stop you right there. You dumb. You’re the ones you, the Republicans are always like, oh my God, they’ve seized all these drugs at the border. It proves Biden’s wrong. No, they got ’em oh, they caught 50 people on the most wanted list. Clearly Biden’s policies are be no, they got like, you’re straight up lying about what’s happening at the border because Biden’s actually doing his job.

She continues, sorry, American people. Yes. You pay your taxes that pays all the government salaries, including U S a O D C, but you don’t matter them. You see, under the Democrats regime, it’s a two tier justice system. They only prosecute their political enemies threats. And that is you

Have to disagree with you on that because as we all know, Merick Garland could be prosecuting a lot more people Marjorie, and I’m sorry, but a dude putting a couple stickers on your poster that you only put up again to be a piece of trash. That’s not exactly something that the DOJ really should spend a lot of time with. Not that I agree with the defacing of other people’s property, but lighten up your little snowflake. You don’t even have to have the sign out there in the first place. You did it for attention. You’re getting everything you wanted out of this. And she knows it. Folks. She knows it. And now she is still milking this for all that. It’s worth trying to claim that she is the victim because somebody with a Sharpie and some stickers isn’t being treated like the most wanted felon in the United States.

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