May 24, 2022

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Used Donor Money To Buy Herself Luxury SUV

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According to her recent campaign finance filings, Marjorie Taylor Greene used donor money to buy herself (technically, her campaign) a luxury SUV for $92,000. This is a legitimate campaign expense, most likely, but considering that her largest group of donors are elderly retirees, they deserve to know that their donations are going to buy Marge a seat in a luxury car so that she can campaign in style. Farron Cousins discusses this.

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You know, I have never campaigned for public office. Thank goodness and good Lord willing. I never will campaign for public office, but I gotta imagine, you know, whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican independent, libertarian green party, whatever it is, campaign, he is gotta be hard work. And sometimes you just, you just wanna relax in the lap of luxury, possibly in a brand new luxury SUV. And that is exactly what Marjorie Taylor green decided to get for herself as she campaigns in the great state of Georgia. Oh, and of course she used $92,000 of donor money owner money to buy this new luxury SUV from a actual, what I believe to be a conservative blogger in the state of Georgia. The peach pundit has revealed after going through Marjorie Taylor Green’s recent campaign, financial disclosures, comparing it to open secrets has exposed Marjorie Taylor green as purchasing this $92,000 luxury SUV, you know, for her campaign.

Now, before I go any clearer, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing illegal about that, that I know of. I mean maybe, but as far as I know about campaign finance law, there’s nothing illegal about buying a vehicle for your campaign. If you have the money and it’s a legitimate campaign expense, you’re using it to campaign get from to, and fro to all these places you gotta go. Uh, last I check that is perfectly legal, you know, and if she’s got the $92,000 to spend, she spent it, but what the peach pundit did here. And again, I assume they’re conservative cuz they mention the word. They mentioned quote by inflation in the article, which is definitely something conservatives used. They also talk about the woke left. So that’s why I’m assuming it’s a conservative. But anyway, the peach pundit went through Marjorie retailer greens, you know, finances on open secrets and found very easily.

I might add because it’s right there. That her second biggest industry that donates to her is retired people. And since the majority of Marjorie retailer Green’s money is coming from states of California, Texas, and Florida. That means most likely she paid for this SUV, at least in some part with money from elderly people that don’t even live in the state of Georgia people that are by the way, suffering from inflation, they’re suffering from the rising prices. And of course the price gouging of corporations sending money to Marjorie Taylor green over in this little bitty Georgia district that they can’t even vote for her. And then she turns around, takes that money and buys herself a $92,000 SUV. So she can campaign in style, right? And the peach pundit mentions. And I would like an answer to this question as well. How do those donors feel about that? Right? Assume you’re

An elderly person here in the state of Florida. There’s a lot of them I’m surrounded on literally every side of my house by them. And they’re all conservatives too. Maybe I should ask them like, Hey, have you sent Marjorie Taylor green money? Do you know what she’s spending it on right here, bud right here guys, $92,000 on a luxury SUV, peach punt went even further. They found the dealership where this money was spent this 92,000, they went through their website. They can’t even find any vehicles listed for more than $82,000. So what most likely happened is that Marjorie Taylor green went to the GMC website, built her car and would’ve had to have added on every single available premium option. And then of course had it sent to the dealership where she officially bought it. Because for some reason we have laws here in the United States that prevent you from buying a car directly from the manufacturer. You have to buy it from a dealership. I think that’s a law that’s worth revisiting someday, but either way $92,000 on a luxury vehicle for the woman who says she’s still working to drain the swamp, she’s fighting for the people. But I guess it’s a lot more comfortable fighting for the people when you’re sitting in the back of a luxury SUV.

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