July 5, 2022

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MyPillow Guy Begs Elon Musk To Pay Attention To His Conspiracies

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has sent out a plea to Elon Musk, begging the tech billionaire to please give him 15 minutes of time so that he can share his debunked election conspiracies with him. Given all the drama that Musk has created recently, the last thing he needs is to be seen speaking with Mike Lindell – something that could end up getting him roped into the same lawsuits that Lindell is now involved in. Farron Cousins discusses this.

Link – https://twitter.com/RonFilipkowski/status/1526289636921843713

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MyPillow CEO, Mike, Lindell’s a little upset that he can’t get anybody to take him seriously. So he is reaching out to the one man that Republicans apparently think is the savior of the entire Republican party. And that person, bizarrely enough is Elon Musk. The guy who is currently trying to back out of his deal to buy Twitter because he claims there’s too many bots, but recently on his Linde TV platform, Mike Linde made a personal plea to Elon Musk to please pay attention to him and his ridiculous debunked conspiracy theories. So take a look at Mike Lindell, heaping praise upon Elon Musk before begging him to please take him seriously. Here it is.

I wanted to reach out if, uh, if Elon Musk, if you’re watching, I wanna reach out to Elon Musk, Brandon, and, and now for any other reason, other than he’s got a big, a big, um, um, presence out there right now there, you know, he’s, you know, he’s all over the news, right? And they, and he’s driving the, the left crazy. He’s trying to kind of, uh, uh, woo conservatives, you know, I guess, you know, that would be the word. Um, well, my thing is, uh, I’d like to sit down with Elon myself one on one and show him in a 15 minute, little presentation. I have to say, here’s where we’re at. This is what they did. Here’s the, here is the, you get, you flew to the moon or whatever, flew to outer space. Uh, here’s the cyber stuff, Elon. No one else is looking,

Please. Helon just 15 minutes of your time. 15 minutes could save the election. Well, no, that’s not gonna happen because everything that you have has been thoroughly debunked. And of course, if you had what you claim, you have the Republican attorneys general, which is the plural of that. And it still sounds weird every time I say it would have taken up your lawsuit, but none of them did Mike, because you have nothing because you’re making it up. And you know, what else, folks, in spite of the weird plea to Elon Musk, that Mike CDE made that to me is not what really stood out about that video. You know, what stood out to me in that video. And it’s actually a point by the way that dominion voting systems has made in their lawsuits against him. The bottom of that screen, what did you see? You saw a promo code to go buy my pillow products.

You gave up the game. You moron, you are literally proving dominion voting systems right now, for those who don’t remember a while back dominion in their lawsuit mentioned, and this became public knowledge. Not that long ago, then Michael Andela is doing all of this just to sell products. You know, they don’t even think that he firmly believes it, but they do think that he is using these claims to drum up Donald Trump’s base in employee to sell more pillows. And I gotta tell you, man, by, by talking about this stuff, while you have a little promo code for your pillows on the bottom of the screen, you’re pretty much proving them, right? So here’s the thing that kind of, well, let me just say it definitely in a court of law would prove their case because here’s what dominion is asserting in their lawsuit. And this is why this whole thing actually is important.

Dominion is saying that Mike Landell is only spreading these lies for his personal financial gain, which of course, that’s one of the facets of defamation. That’s an easy way to prove a defamation case. If somebody is spreading lies about you, not just to hurt you, but to enrich themselves. And again, you are spreading these lives, uh, lies, excuse me, with a, with a promo code for your product on the screen, you do realize that you don’t have to say anything, but every time you put out one of these videos, Mike, all you’re doing is bolstering dominions case. Do you think they’re not watching these? Do you think they’re not downloading these videos and preparing to present them in court to prove their case? Because I can promise you they are. And you’re just digging that hole deeper and deeper and deeper now begging Elon Musk. Yeah. That’s the last thing Elon Musk needs right now is to basically get himself added to these defamation lawsuits. Tesla’s stock went to the toilet recently when he announced he was trying to buy Twitter.

Source: Farron Balanced

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