May 29, 2022

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MyPillow Guy Boasts About Blowing $30 Million On Failed Election Lawsuits

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is an absolute loser, and he appears to be proud of that fact. In an interview with The Guardian published this week, Lindell says that he has already blown $30 million on election lawsuits (which have all failed) and said that he isn’t stopping there: He plans to file lawsuits challenging the election results in all 50 states! Farron Cousins explains why the Pillow Guy is wasting so much money.

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In an interview with the guardian published this week, MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell announced that he has now spent 30 million of his own money to contest the 20, 20 election. And as we all know, all 30 million of those dollars have been completely wasted. Cuz Mike Linde has not been successful at all. In any of his lawsuits, in any of the audits, in any of the other challenges he has filed, he has lost every single time. So that folks is $30 million down the tubes. Not to mention the fact that he mentioned he is paying $200,000 per month to fund a group whose sole purposes, of course, to Lindell for election fraud. But that’s not all as I reported earlier this week, Linde also claimed in a separate interview that he is spending every dime that comes into my pillow, every dime on challenging the results of the 2020 election, more than 500 days after that election even happened. Folks, please understand that we are approaching the point where we’re about to be closer to the 2024 election than we are to the 2020 election and Mike Linde still plans to spend tens of millions of dollars. He says to file challenges in all 50 states, all 50 states. Now think about that for a moment. Trump didn’t lose all 50 states.

So why is the pillow man challenging the election in all 50 states? Well, the answer is very simple and we have actually seen this happen in states that Trump won. They’re trying to challenge counties that B uh, Biden won in those red states. So being a red state that actually went for Trump is apparently no longer, good enough. You have to be all in on Trump. Donald Trump had to win every single state, every single county, because if he didn’t, of course, that’s totally fraud, I guess, in the eyes of people like Mike Linde. Now here’s what I would like to see happen. And believe me folks, this actually is a legal maneuver that could happen. And I think it should. So I’m putting this out there in the ether. I think dominion voting systems that as we all know is suing Mike Linde for over a billion dollars, along with Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell and a couple of media outlets as well, they need to issue or ask the judge to issue an immediate freeze on Mike Lindell’s bank accounts, because what could happen if Linde is true to his word and is spending every dime, the company brings in all of his own personal fortune, which if he’s spent 30 million, that would at least be

A 10th of his estimated net worth. I mean a 10th of his net worth on a losing project. I think dominion needs to ask the court for an immediate freeze on Mike Lindell’s bank accounts so that he cannot bankrupt himself before the resolution of this defamation trial, which may not be for another two, three years at this point. And yes, if Linde continues with these election challenges, which I’m sure the 2022 midterms will bring more election challenges from him, he could easily blow through all his money. I know his pillow company is not bringing in what it was, you know, two years ago because it’s been banned from all the biggest stores in the country. So he’s gonna run into a real, you know, income versus expenditure problem, right? This is basic home economics, not home economics. Like you would learn in a high school class back in the day, but I’m talking about economics of a household.

You can’t have more money going out than coming in. And Mike Linde could very quickly end up in that situation, which means if dominion ends up winning their defamation suit, there may not be any money left to get from Mike Mende. Then what? Well technic while technically then they would probably get his company MyPillow and he’d be left with nothing. No means of income, not a thing, but if dominion really is interested in getting money from Mike Linde, they need to start talking to the courts and say, listen, this guy is spending money like a drunken sailor, no offense to any sailors out there. And we’re worried that he could bankrupt himself intentionally before we get a judgment. So we would like for you to issue some kind of injunction against him to stop the madness, not to mention dominion would probably have a pretty solid argument considering that his continued quest to find all this fraud hinges on the

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