July 5, 2022

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MyPillow Guy Creates Huge Legal Problems For Allies Because He Won’t Shut Up

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Tina Peters, the indicted Mesa County election clerk, is facing a third ethics complaint because MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell can’t keep his mouth shut. In April, Lindell admitted to spending upwards of half a million dollars for Peters’ legal defense fund, a move that is highly illegal under Colorado law. Because of Lindell’s admission, Peters is now facing a new round of legal problems that could derail her ambitions to become the Secretary of State for Colorado. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

Link – https://www.rawstory.com/pro-trump-clerk-tina-peters-hit-with-third-ethics-complaint/

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Tina Peters, the indicted Mesa county elections clerk. Who’s also running for Colorado. Secretary of state has found herself in even more legal trouble. Now, after another ethics complaint was filed against her, which now makes the third ethics complaint against her all because MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell, can’t keep his big mouth shut. Now, if you’ll recall back in April Mike Linde, when speaking to local reporters at an event told them, well, I’ll read the quote, I’ve put in 3, 4, 5, maybe $800,000 for Tina Peter’s legal defense. So maybe it’s three, maybe four, five, $800,000 for Tina Peter’s legal defense. And of course, when that happened, I did a segment on it right here. And I mentioned back then that that is 100% illegal. Whether you gave 300,000 or 800,000, whether you gave 3000 still illegal, Mike, and you admitted it on live TV and you didn’t even have to, you just said a thing, cuz you thought people would wanna hear it.

And what you did was you implicated your friend, Tina Peters in new criminal activity, cuz in the state of Colorado, an elected official cannot receive more than $65 from a non-family member. And no matter which one of those amounts it is, there’re all greater than $65. And you admitted it on live TV and based 100% on your admission there on live TV. A complaint has now been filed against Tina Peters for violating that part of Colorado’s constitution. Cuz this isn’t just a, an ordinance that was passed, right? This isn’t a resolution. It’s actually part of the Colorado constitution that you can’t do that. So now you’ve gotten your good friend and buddy Tina Peters. Who’s been by your side for a year. Now you’ve now gotten her in even more legal trouble. She’s already facing multiple lawsuits and investigations. Like I said, she’s already been indicted by a grand jury for the security breach that she allowed to happen. That she was allegedly. You have to say allegedly, cuz she has not been convicted. A part of like, not even just allowed to happen. She was allegedly made it happen. And now here comes Mike Glendo,

But I’m in a stupid little mouth about all these kinds of crazy things happen. And I’ve given her 3, 4, 5, $800,000.

Okay. You may have also just given her a longer prison sentence too, Mike, because if you did give her these things again, totally illegal. Oh and you know what else you implicated her in there by the way, because it’s not just about the fact that you’ve given so much money to her legal defense fund. Nope. It’s the fact that, uh, she hasn’t been disclosing who’s funding her legal defense fund, which is also a violation of law. You see? Because all these things you claim to have given her for her legal defense are not listed in the legal defense filings. So yeah, that’s, that’s another potential crime on behalf of Tina Peters there, as I’ve repeatedly said, the best thing that Mike Linde could do right now, not just for himself, but apparently for his friends and allies is just shut the hell up. Just shut up. Just shut up. Just don’t talk anymore. Because every time you open your mouth, you get somebody in trouble. Maybe it’s yourself. Maybe it’s somebody else, but things are not going well for Mike ele or anyone that has thrown their lot in with them. So I hope that serves as a warning for anyone thinking about getting involved with Mike Lynn Dell, trust me, it’s not working out for anybody. That’s made that decision.

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