July 5, 2022

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MyPillow Guy Hit With Sanctions By Trump Appointed Judge

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MyPillow CEO has been hit with legal sanctions by a Trump-appointed judge over his frivolous lawsuits that he’s filed against voting machine companies. Lindell had tried to sue the companies for defamation (as they had done against him), but the judge saw right through it and ordered Lindell to pay the legal fees of the companies because the lawsuit was so ridiculous. Farron Cousins explains what happened.

Link – https://news.bloomberglaw.com/us-law-week/mypillows-lindell-sanctioned-over-frivolous-election-suit

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MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell was hit with sanctions from a Trump appointed judge this week for filing frivolous lawsuits against both dominion voting systems and smart mattock. Now the frivolous lawsuit in question that he had filed against these companies was in fact, a defamation lawsuit because after the companies hit him with the defamation lawsuit, he countersued and said, oh no, you’ve, you’ve actually defamed me and this judge again, a Trump appointed judge, somebody that you would think would be sympathetic to Lin’s claims, right? But no, the Trump appointed judge agreed with the companies that you haven’t shown. Anything that they’ve said about you that’s defamatory. And therefore by definition, this would be a frivolous lawsuit. And smart Maddock was actually the company that requested sanctions be placed on Mike Linde. And those sanctions will include Linde and his former lawyers having to pay fees, fines, and all kinds of restitution to those companies.

Now the amount has not yet been determined, but we do know, obviously one of the things that will be lumped into this will be the legal fees that these companies had to pay in order to fight the defamation claims themselves. Here’s where it gets funny. When Linde was reached for comment about, about this decision and the sanctions placed against him, this is what he said, whatever the judge thinks, that’s his opinion. I’ve got lawyers doing more important things like removing these machines from every state. Okay. There’s two problems with that. First of all, your lawyers haven’t removed these machines from any states at all. So let’s be honest about that. Secondly, um, this isn’t some random wacko off the street where you can just be like, whatever, dude, that’s your opinion. Um, this is a, a legal opinion. Also known as a legal ruling. You can’t just dismiss it as like, whatever judge, that’s just your opinion, right?

I mean, you know, no you moron. Where are Mike Lindell’s friends? Where’s his legal team. Like somebody needs to be running up to him. Maybe shaking him gently don’t hurt him. But somebody needs to say like, what the hell are you even doing? You clearly don’t even understand. You lack the comprehension skills to know just how devastating literally everything you’re doing is to yourself. You cannot just dismiss a judge’s opinion because you disagree with it. That’s that’s, that’s not how the law works in the United States. Like next time you get pulled over for speeding. And the cop’s like, yeah, I got you 65 and a 50. You’re gonna be like, well, that’s just your opinion. No, no,

It’s not just their opinion. That’s what the law says. You did. this man is absolutely off his rocker. And honestly, I, I make this plea every time, but seriously, I know there’s gotta be at least one person close to Mike ele that genuinely cares about him. Whoever that person is, hopefully there’s multiple people, but y’all gotta get together and get your boy here, cuz this is not good for him. If he just decides, ah, screw it. That’s just your opinion. I’m gonna keep doing these horrible things. You realize he’s gonna get into a lot of legal trouble, more legal trouble than he is already in, right? Like things are not going well for him. Somebody probably needs to step in and maybe try to write the ship before it’s a little too late or we may have already passed that point. I don’t know.

But one thing’s for sure. Mike Linde like Donald Trump is a serial loser. Every time this man goes to court, he gets smacked down. Nothing is going his way. He is losing tons of money. He’s racking up the legal problems as a result of it. And again, all the friends and family, whatever he is got near him. Just sit back and say, oh, imagine that no y’all need to do better. Right? You owe it to your friends. Somebody help this man out. And for the love of God, tell him that. If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll just stop talking.

Source: Farron Balanced

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