July 5, 2022

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Republican Senator Fakes Phone Call To Avoid Reporter’s Questions

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Republican Senator Ron Johnson tried to avoid a reporter’s questions by pretending to be on a phone call. Unfortunately for the Republican Senator, his screen was clearly visible and showed that he wasn’t actually talking to anyone. This was a cowardly move by a man who was just implicated in a massive conspiracy with potential criminal consequences. Farron Cousins discusses this.

Link – https://www.thedailybeast.com/ron-johnson-caught-apparently-pretending-to-be-on-a-call-to-dodge-reporters?ref=home

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Republican Senator Ron Johnson has found himself in the news this week after of course the hearings on Tuesday when he was directly implicated in the fake elector scheme. As we all know, from watching the hearings, uh, Johnson via his aid, reached out to Mike Pence’s aide and said the Senator has something he would like to hand deliver to the vice president, which of course was an alternate slate of electors. The fake electors, luckily Pence’s aid of course said, do not give that to him. And the rest is now public knowledge and Johnson. Of course doesn’t like this, uh, newfound popularity. And when he was confronted by NBC news, reporter Frank Thorpe to, you know, ask questions about, Hey, we, we kind of have a big deal here. Johnson pretended to be on his phone so that he wouldn’t have to talk to the reporter. So here is the video.

So take a look at Johnson, pretending to be on a phone call in order to avoid this reporter. Here it is. Now as the reporter, Mr. Thor points out, um, we can see your phone. It’s it’s, it’s a black screen. You’re you’re not talking to anybody. Um, we, we can see you’re not on the phone. I mean, you’re, you’re not even pretending to talk. You’re just walking with a phone up to your ear. I mean, honestly, at this point, we’re lucky that Ron Johnson didn’t pull out a banana and said, excuse me, I have to take this. Hello? Oh my goodness. Yes. No, like, no, what an absolutely idiotic move by this Republican Senator. And it’s hilarious because that’s the only option this man had. You know, I always like to say sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all. But in this particular instance, I’m gonna go ahead and say that Ron Johnson should have said something, right?

I mean, rather than pretending to be on your phone, just to avoid these questions, you could have been like, Hey, no comment, easy enough, right? Say it with me now. No comment. You could have said, I don’t want to talk about that right now. You could have said, uh, it’s all fake news. It’s all a bunch of baloney. You could have said a million different things, but instead you went the childish route and decided to pretend that you had a real friend on the phone with you. So, you know, you didn’t have to deal with anybody else. And I guess sure. That’s the easiest way out. Right? But Ron, you can’t always pretend to be on the phone, buddy. Eventually you’re gonna have to answer some of these questions. You know, whether it’s in interviews on TV, because I know you’re still gonna agree to do those. Whether it’s back home with your

Constituents, they, they’ve probably got a couple of, uh, questions they’d like to ask you as well. So how long is your fake phone call going to last? Because if the answer is less than a year, it’s not gonna do you any good. You’re going to have to answer these questions immediately. It I’m glad of course that Mr. Thorpe, there did point out, like we can see your screen. And so everybody got to see what a coward Ron Johnson really is. And of course the biggest issue here, obviously the fake elector scheme, right. Johnson himself is now directly implicated it in it. He is the first, uh, member of the Senate to be implicated in this scheme. Obviously we’ve had several members of the house implicated in it, including a couple more, more deeply implicated in it on Tuesday. So yeah, Johnson’s eventually going to have to answer these questions and he better hope that he has some good answers, cuz it’s starting to look a lot like a criminal conspiracy to me.

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