July 5, 2022

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Republicans Are FURIOUS That Biden Won’t Let Migrant Babies Starve To Death

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From Fox News to the governor’s mansion in Texas, and almost everywhere in between, Republicans are furious about the fact that the government has sent baby formula to detained migrant families as a shortage grips the country. These "pro-life" Republicans would rather see detained infants starve to death because they don’t actually care about human life at all. Farron Cousins explains what’s actually happening and why Republicans are pretending this is a terrible move by the government.

Link – https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a39991545/baby-formula-shortage-illegal-immigrants-greg-abbott-fox-news/

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Republicans have made it abundantly clear. Ever since we got that draft leaked to the SCOTUS decision that says rose is gonna be overturned. They made it clear that they love babies, that they want every baby to live. And we don’t care about anything else, just babies, babies, babies. And of course, they’ve been saying that for decades, we gotta protect the babies. We gotta take care of the babies. Can’t let any babies die. Well, this past week we find out the caveat to that. We can’t let any babies die, unless of course, you know, they’re brown babies coming up from Mexico and south and central America. Those babies, we don’t give a about. Go ahead and let them starve to death in federal detention centers, because we only care about the precious little white babies here in the United States. Here’s what I’m talking about. Obviously, one of the biggest stories happening in the nation right now is in fact, the baby formula shortage late last week, Republicans found something new to be outraged about because there were allegedly pallets photographs literally showed like two or three pallets, which if you’ve ever used baby formula and there’s multiple babies over like, you know, that’s not gonna last more than like a couple of weeks, but anyway, sending pallets down to these detention facilities in Texas and along the border so that the migrant infants that we have in detention can have baby formula and Republicans from Fox news to Greg Abbot, governor of Texas, Marjorie Taylor green, and everybody in between is freaking out my God.

Why are you giving it to them when we can’t find it at the local Walmart?

And the answer’s actually very simple one. These are human beings, but two, and this is probably more important, you know, for Republicans to understand, we legally have an obligation because we’ve locked them up. These people cannot leave these detention centers. Okay. They can’t go out there and try to find it at Piggly wiggly or Walmart. They can only get what is literally given to them. Now imagine how bad it would look for the United States, federal government. If we were having infants starved to death in American controlled detention facilities. I mean, isn’t that the kind of thing that we attack other nations for doing, I mean, like literally attack them. They’re killing their own people. We’ve gotta do something we have to step in and send our military. So you can only imagine the global response. If the United States was letting these migrants drop dead, infants dropping dead of starvation while they’re locked up in detention facilities, bad enough, we got infants locked in detention facilities, probably gonna look even worse for us as a nation. If we just let the baby starve to death. And again, the formula we’re sending down there

Is like, it’s, we’re just taking all of it and sending it to these facilities. We’re sending them a couple weeks worth, just like we also send laundry detergent, just like we send all of these other things, because again, they can’t leave. There. It’s a detention facility, not a hotel. We are legally obligated to do these things for these people, but Republicans don’t care. Fox news is going on and on and on about the pallets. And oh, we got American babies that can’t get formula. Why are we giving it to them? So what they’re literally telling us is that one human life is worth more than another. That that’s what we’re hearing because it’s not about protecting babies. As Republicans tell us, it’s about protecting white babies here on American soil. They don’t care about life. There is nothing pro-life about any Republican in this country. They care about scoring some political points by over exaggerating, a simple story that is based on our legal obligations to these people in detention facilities. That’s what’s happening with those pallets of baby formula.

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