May 20, 2022

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TDR Live: Trump Team Scrambles to Explain Tax Revelations

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The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by producer & writer Viviana Vigil to go through Tuesday’s top stories.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern short circuits defending Trump’s taxes on CNN. A judge in Kentucky has ordered the release of grand jury recordings in the Breonna Taylor case. Data obtained by Channel 4 news shows the Trump 2016 campaign compiled files on nearly 200 million American voters. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has vowed to defy a judge’s order to continue the Census through the end of October. The USPS has admitted to an “inexplicable error’ in updating 1.8 million changes of address. Registered Independent Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has endorsed Joe Biden for president.

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“One of the biggest secrets in American politics — what’s in the tax returns that President Donald Trump has refused to release for so long — has at last been revealed, by the New York Times.

Times journalists Russ Buettner, Susanne Craig, and Mike McIntire obtained “tax-return data extending over more than two decades” related to the president, and have revealed their findings in a bombshell new report. (They are not posting the documents themselves, to avoid jeopardizing their sources.)

For years, the political world has speculated on what Trump was trying to hide by holding back his returns, and by falsely claiming that he can’t release them until the IRS finishes an extended audit. Was it that he paid no income taxes at all in some years? Was it that he was far less successful a businessman than he let on? Was he claiming legally dubious deductions?
The answer, it turns out, is all of the above."

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