July 5, 2022

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Trucker Convoy Returns To DC With No Idea What They’re Protesting

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The Trucker Convoy that was defeated by regular traffic and a lack of bathrooms in the Beltway just a few months ago announced that they are heading back to Washington, D.C., but they are vowing not to make the same mistakes they made last time. The bigger problem is that they have no idea what they are protesting, much like last time, so this entire effort is an exercise in futility that means absolutely nothing. Farron Cousins discusses this.

Link – https://www.thedailybeast.com/peoples-convoy-plans-to-occupying-dc-in-return-to-city

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Good news. Everybody. The trucker convoy has announced that they’re heading back to DC. They’re gonna be pulling up any minute now, really either today or tomorrow to once again, drive their trucks around and just kind of create all sorts of havoc, why we don’t know. And they don’t know, but that’s beside the point, they’re coming back to DC folks and they’re promising in an announcement late last week. They are promising. They’re not making those same mistakes. They made last time. Right? A couple months ago when they literally got defeated by regular traffic and then all their trucks were breaking down and then they were their pants because they weren’t allowed to get out and go use the bathroom, which they literally were peeing themselves. They said so, yeah, we’re totally not doing that this time. And they say, we’re not just driving circles around the beltway. Oh, heck no. We’re going into the city. And we’re sitting up a camp outside the city for the women and the little ones they said to, you know, get supplies. So when we need it, we go back to the little place. We get our stuff and we come back and we drive around the city to protest the fact that

We can protest

Seriously folks, that’s it. They don’t know what they’re protesting. Now in the early days of this idiotic, trucker convoy, they claim to be protesting the mandates nationwide. But as we all know, there’s no more mandates, right? Heck even the vaccine requirements have been struck down by the courts. Now, no mask mandates for public transit. There there’s literally nothing except what private businesses might still have in place. And as far as I know, I don’t know that there’s really any private businesses other than maybe hospitals and doctors, offices that still have mask mandates. There’s no mandates left to protest you idiots. So, so what are you protesting? And by the way, these convoys were obviously hardcore supported by Republicans and talking about how great this is. But then we get protests at Supreme court justices, house, peaceful protests at their homes and they say, oh my God, we gotta spend billions of dollars. Get these people more security. Let’s lock these protesters up, get them off the streets because they’re horrible human beings. But sure, if you just wanna drive around in circles for days on end with no clear goal burning up gasoline, spending thousands of dollars on gasoline, that’s totally cool with Republicans. You’re a Patriot. Ted Cruz wants to get a picture in the front of your cab.

Here’s the thing, Republicans, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t talk about shortages of things like baby formula or, or bread or other groceries that stores, you know, were still suffering from some shortages. You can’t and moan about that. Which of course is one of the driving factors of in of inflation. Excuse me, just one of the many factors, but you can’t about those things. And then all these truckers whose whose job is literally to, to take things like that across the country. That’s why we have truckers. I mean, that’s the point of truckers, but you’re saying, oh no, it’s a great thing that they’re just driving around in circles. Not helping a nation in crisis.

Hmm. I’m not saying truckers, Hey, get back out there. I’m cracking the whip. No, what I’m saying is that’s what you get paid to do, but you’re taking time off from that. So you’re not getting paid. You again are spending thousands of dollars on gasoline, which is what happened to y’all last time you’re putting extra miles on your trucks. And last time, like I said, trucks were overheating. Had to pull over on the side of the highway there, pop your hoods up because you’re breaking your own vehicles just to prove a point. And you don’t even know what that point was. And now you’re coming back to once again, make a point that you’re not even sure exists, but Hey, to each their own, nothing illegal about what you’re doing. So I guess keep doing it because literally the only people you’re hurting are yourselves. And of course everybody else in the country that depends on your services.

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