True North Part 3

Keep Hope (and TYT) Alive:

‘True North’ follows TYT host John Iadarola and journalist Chavala Madlena on a journey throughout the Arctic, presenting an unprecedented view of life in a part of the world that few will ever see. From exploring a shattered coal mine to an expedition through the Arctic Ocean, Iadarola and Madlena provide a unique perspective on life in the Arctic and the impact climate change has had on the land and its people. Combining adventure, dynamic human-interest stories and a bit of danger, True North brings viewers to the front lines of our reckoning with global climate change.

Mark, editor of the local newspaper Ice People, shows Chavala around Longyearyben and uncovers how changes in the climate are impacting the worlds northernmost town.

Chavala heads to Ny-Ålesund, an international research village monitoring changes in the Arctic and one of the most remote locations in the world. Environmental chemist Oyvind Mikkelson shows us that climate change isn’t the only man-made disruption affecting the Arctic – chemicals and inorganic substances from industrialized countries are finding their way to the top of the globe as well.

What is it like to live where it doesn’t get dark or light for months of the year? And what exactly causes the beautiful phenomenon of the Northern Lights that draws thousands of visitors to the arctic every year? Chavala explores the science and practicalities of the the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights and chases the Aurora with expert Torsten Aslaksen.

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