Trump Claims Virus Will “Disappear” Without Vaccine

Host John Iadarola is joined by Erin Ryan, host of the Hysteria podcast on Crooked Media and writer for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, to break down the news of the day on the latest episode of The Damage Report.

Trump thinks that Covid-19 is just going to “leave,” despite a vaccine not having been developed yet. A new analysis reveals that at least 49 members of Congress have been cashing in on the pandemic, strategically trading $158 million worth of stock transactions. The GOP is using the pandemic as an excuse to curtail abortion rights in at least 13 states. Ben Shapiro is caught being a giant hypocrite, yet again. Chris Hayes comes under fire for merely addressing the Tara Reade allegations against Joe Biden.

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"Having apparently learned nothing about the novel coronavirus since February—when he predicted the contagion would disappear "like a miracle" by April—President Donald Trump insisted during a roundtable with corporate executives Wednesday that Covid-19 will soon "be gone" even in the absence of a vaccine, a view that is not shared by public health professionals.

"It’s gonna go, it’s gonna leave, it’s gonna be gone, it’s gonna be eradicated," Trump said when asked to explain how the virus will simply disappear without a vaccine. "It might take longer, it might be in smaller sections. It won’t be what we had."

"If you have a flare-up in a certain area, if you have a, I call them burning embers, boom. We put it out," Trump continued. "We know how to put it out now. But we put it out."

In response to Trump’s remarks, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) tweeted that the president’s "magical thinking and downplaying of the virus has led to over 61,000 American deaths.""

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