Trump impeachment: Schiff says defence team ‘reeling’ from revelation about John Bolton’s book

U.S. House Intelligence Committee Chair and impeachment manager Adam Schiff said on Tuesday that the "abrupt end" to the conclusion of President Donald Trump’s defence team’s opening arguments showed the team was "still reeling" from the revelation of John Bolton’s book.

The manuscript for the book was cited in a recent report in which former national security adviser Bolton said Trump had told him he wanted to withhold security aid to Ukraine in exchange for investigations into Democrats, including former vice president Joe Biden.

Schiff went on to say it was also "extraordinary" that Trump’s former chief of staff believes John Bolton.

Asked if he would sit as a witness if called by the Senate, Schiff said if they want witnesses to call current chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, saying calls for him to testify are a "distraction."

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