July 5, 2022

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Trump Junior Involved In Felony Poaching Scheme

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Donald Trump, Jr. is so desperate to prove that he’s a man that he delights in killing wild animals, and now he’s involved in a plot that has felony written all over it. A "hunting guide" that went with Junior to kill a bear in May of 2018 is now facing felony charges of baiting the bear so that Junior could kill it. Junior is listed in the court filings, but he has not been hit with any charges, and Farron Cousins explains what that likely won’t happen.

Link – https://www.rawstory.com/trump-jr-hunting-poacher/

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Donald Trump Jr. Has been named as a person that may have actually been a victim of a felony. And I know that’s weird, right? Typically when we talk about crimes and the Trump family, it’s because they’ve been implicated, but this time, believe it or not, Donald Trump Jr. May have been the victim of a crime, but don’t worry. It’s not anything too egregious committed against Donald Trump Jr. Himself. What happened was that in 2018, Donald Trump Jr. Traveled to Utah and used a hunting service, Wade lemon hunting to, uh, go kill himself a bear. But what he didn’t know allegedly, and this is why he would be a victim and not a person of interest. He allegedly did not know that Wade lemon himself was baiting the bear to come close to them. So that junior could of course kill it, which kind of defeats the purpose of hunting.

I mean, the, the very word hunt itself implies that you’re going out and you’re looking for these things instead of drawing them in closer to you now, for those of you who may not know, I didn’t know it before I read this story, but baiting animals in the state of Utah, certain animals, uh, is in fact, a felony crime punishable by up to five years in prison. And what they did was lemon had, as people go out there, they set this trap, they put some sweets out, they put some other foods that they knew would attract the bear. Then they basically brought Don junior to that spot and said, all right, let’s shoot us a bear. And then of course the bear came up because there’s food there. The bear can smell. It’s like, oh, free lunch. And then Trump junior gets to shoot the bear.

The wealthy guy gets to act like a big tough dude for a few minutes. And lemon gets paid a hefty sum from rich people like junior to simulate a real hunting experience here. And lemon of course, facing possibly up to five years in jail and Don junior, here’s where he comes into this. Other than just being the guy that this happened to, he has mentioned in the complaint in the legal complaint, but not by name. He’s just mentioned as the client, what happened was that Utah department of natural resources came out and they identified like, oh yeah, by the way, this was Donald Trump Jr. But they made it clear. Like I said, he is not a person of interest. He is not a suspect for all they know. He is in fact, the victim of this, because he was robbed of the hunting experience, just like when he went to Africa and killed that elephant, just like when he also went, uh, uh, uh, to Mongolia to kill those endangered sheep. And just like when he was in the American Southwest, actually, no, it was Montana,

I think. And he was killing pregnant Prairie dogs. He’s a victim cuz the trumps always wanna make themselves a victim. But it says he is the victim. Just so everybody knows because he was likely unaware that this was happening. And if he was aware that it was happening was likely unaware that it was illegal. Wow. That’s a lot of faith. that the state of Utah is putting on Don, Donald Trump Jr. Here, look, I’ll give you this much. I doubt the guy knew this was happening. But according to the reports, like this is basically what these, you know, hunting groups do. They, they get these wealthy, powerful people who want to go out and know, oh, let’s kill a bear. Right? You can’t get much more of a man than killing a bear, but they understand like, look, these people aren’t gonna last. If we actually have to take him out into the wilderness, like Trump Jr.

So what we’re gonna do is we’re not gonna send you out to go find a bear to kill. We’re gonna bring the bear in close to you. You sit in comfort right here. You just wait for the bear to walk up and then bam, no more bear. You go get your picture. And everything’s wonderful. And of course that’s what got lemon in trouble. He just wanted to provide a great experience for these wealthy people. By letting them kill a wild animal that obviously was of no threat to anyone. It wouldn’t have been in

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