Trump “Lava Level Mad” Over Exposure to Coronavirus

Host John Iadarola is joined by TYT’s own Brett Erlich to close off the week and break down today’s news.

Trump became “lava mad” at his staff when he found out a member of his valet team contracted Covid-19. Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers were finally arrested yesterday. The DOJ drops the Michael Flynn case, despite the fact that he himself pleaded guilty in the Mueller probe. GOP Gov. Pete Ricketts of Nebraska is forcing a beef packing plant in his state to remain open despite it being described as a Covid-19 “hotspot.” It’s time to take out the trash with Garbage People of the Week! AOC is playing Animal Crossing and John wants to talk about it.

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"President Trump’s allies are seeking to buy out the president’s new favorite cable-news channel, One America News Network, in a move that would shake up the conservative media landscape currently dominated by Fox News, The Wall Street Journal reports. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the Journal reports that investment firm Hicks Equity Partners, which is owned by the family of the co-chairman of the Republican National Committee, Thomas Hicks Jr., is trying to persuade Republican donors to pitch in on a $250 million bid for an OANN buyout. Hicks Jr., who is also a friend of Donald Trump Jr., is said not to be involved in efforts to buy the network and has resigned at Hicks Holdings to avoid any conflicts of interest, but he could still opt in to a buyout deal, according to the Journal.

“Over the last 25 years, we have been active media investors. Any interest in OANN is from a purely business standpoint,” Rick Newman, a partner at Hicks Equity Partners, told the Journal. The network comes nowhere close to drawing the same viewership as other big names in cable news, but Trump has repeatedly singled out OANN for praise in recent months while at the same time disparaging Fox News over perceived criticism."

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