July 5, 2022

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Trump Sours On Endorsements After Humiliating String Of Losses

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According to multiple reports, Donald Trump might be getting a little shy about endorsing Republican candidates in the coming weeks, after many of his candidates have experienced losses that are embarrassing to the former President. Allies of Trump say that he is beginning to worry that he could be perceived as weak if the candidates he picks keep losing, which is exactly what’s happening. Farron Cousins discusses this.

Link – https://www.politico.com/newsletters/playbook/2022/05/20/trumps-real-win-loss-record-00034021

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According to multiple different reports from multiple different outlets that have come out over the last few days, Donald Trump, or at least the people around Donald Trump say that he’s becoming a little gun shy about issuing new endorsements because well, let’s face it, his track record. Isn’t so great. In the past few weeks, Charles, Herter up in Nebraska gets his butt kicked Madison Callthorne loses his primary. Dr. Oz, who was the overall favorite. Suddenly it’s looking like he may not pull off a victory. Although of course, we’ve got the recount that is automatically gonna happen. So we’re not gonna know the real winner of that one for quite some time, but it really is the Oz thing that those closest to Trump, according to these multiple reports say is, uh, kind of getting to him. He didn’t think it was gonna be this way. They said he thought it was a slam dunk.

He thought Oz was gonna cruise to an easy victory and everybody would say, oh, look at Trump, the great king maker. And it didn’t happen. And elsewhere, of course he’s lost races. You know, some not quite as popular, not as high profile as you know, the Dr. Oz thing or the Madison Callthorne thing or the Herter thing, or tomorrow’s loss that he’s gonna suffer with David Purdue. Who’s down by 32 points in the polls. So that’s gonna be a big one because Trump personally picked David Purdue to run against Brian Kemp. And so that’s gonna sting a lot. So Trump’s having some trouble. Now he’s having a little bit of a crisis, cuz he thinks again, according to the people, close to him, if I keep endorsing losers, then that’s gonna make me look bad. Trump thinks I got news for you. Hot shot. You already look bad.

Cuz even some of the people that you’ve endorsed that have won they’re horrible human beings who believe horrible things that want to do horrible things if they went office. So that’s not making you look any better, but here’s what I love about one of these reports. Politico decided to do what I’ve done for so long and actually crunched the numbers. And they found that right now in this year’s primaries, Donald Trump has a 64% success rate. 64% of the time the candidate Trump endorses wins the race in these primaries so far this year now to be fair, that is a much higher success rate than Donald Trump has had in the past. It’s about 17 points higher because prior to this year’s midterms or, or primary races, I should say Trump was rocking a 47% success rate. But this year it’s 64%, but they also pointed out something that I pointed out a week or so ago. And that is that most of this is a complete illusion. Donald Trump has only picked a handful of races and I mean literally a handful

Fewer than five where he, uh, endorsed the underdog and won. He’s endorsed plenty of underdogs, but most of them lose. So there’s only been a handful. I think they actually pointed out to three races where he endorsed the underdog, his endorsement boosted the candidate and they won the rest of the time. He’s endorsing people that are either already ahead because they’re incumbents and pretty much aren’t gonna lose or he’s endorsing people that have no opponents at all. Like you literally can’t lose. The Politico actually described it as like going to a horse race and putting money on a horse. But it’s the only horse in the race. Of course you’re gonna win. There’s no possible way it could lose. And I think what’s really getting to Trump now is that people in the media outside of apparently me are starting to talk about this. They’re starting to say, wait a minute.

What if we look at what’s actually happening here, it’s all in illusion. If you take away the safe bets that Donald Trump has made, like his success rate drops to about 5%. that’s how frequently Donald Trump takes an actual chance. And like I said, he’s gonna lose tomorrow with Purdue. But as I pointed out on Friday, he’s gonna win with Herschel Walker. So it’s gonna be a wash. He’s gonna lose with Sarah Palin up in Alaska. He stands a good chance of losing with Lauren Bobert he’s got a lot more losses coming up. So I think what we can expect is that he is gonna tighten the reins a little bit. Probably won’t see a ton of new endorsements in the coming weeks.

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