July 5, 2022

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Tucker Carlson Slams Dan Crenshaw As ‘Eyepatch McCain’

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All is not well in Republican Land, and Fox News host Tucker Carlson is hellbent on taking down members of his own Party. The latest target of Carlson’s wrath is Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw, who Carlson referred to as "Eyepatch McCain" during a recent segment on the aid package to Ukraine. There are many reasons to attack Crenshaw, but the eyepatch isn’t one of them, as Farron Cousins explains.

Link – https://www.chron.com/politics/article/Tucker-Carlson-calls-Rep-Dan-Crenshaw-eyepatch-17178924.php

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On Monday evening during an interview with, uh, former Democrat Tosey Gabbard who has now become just another right wing talking head. Tucker Carlson took a shot at Republican representative Dan Crenshaw because previously on Fox news, Dan Crenshaw had taken a shot at Republicans who didn’t wanna send 40 billion in aid over to Ukraine and said that all those people are pro Russia. So Tucker Carlson, of course, trying to pretend that he’s the anti-war candidate, not candidate, but personality, whatever it is, I don’t even care anymore. Took a shot at Crenshaw. And this is what he said. The more I think about it, it takes a lot of golf for I patch McCain, to attack moms who are worried about baby formula as pro Russia.

I patch McCain. That is the insult that Tucker Carlson leveled against Dan Crenshaw. Now there’s a million things to go after Dan Crenshaw about, and I’ve talked about a lot of ’em sitting right here talking to this very same camera by the eye patch, uh, kind of off limits. And do you know why, by the way, it’s off limits because people like Tucker Carlson several years ago, when Pete Davidson on Saturday night live made fun of Crenshaw, you know, mocked, the eye patch thing, uh, Tucker Carlson came out, did a segment where the on air graphic red SNL sinks to Nulo by insulting wounded veteran from 2018 insulting a wounded veteran. So in four short years, Tucker Carlson has gone from how dare you insult a wounded veteran to saying, Hey, oh, I patch over here is really screwing up calling everybody pro Russia, which of course Tucker Carlson takes offense to because he has been called pro Russia.

So has Tosi Gabbard because they’re basically parroting talking points that have been coming out of Russia. I mean, they’re literally showing Tucker Carlson monologues on Russian state media because he’s so pro Russia, they’re using him as pro Russian propaganda. So of course he has to fight back and he has no factual basis to fight back. So he tries to fight dirty, goes to the personal insults, goes to the eye patch again, of all the things to criticize Crenshaw about the eye patch. Ain’t one of them, right? The guy did lose his eye in active duty combat. Okay, love him or hate him. That’s something you gotta be like, okay. I respect that. I don’t like you. I don’t like your policies, but I do respect what you did. And I, you know, wish you hadn’t suffered this horrific accident, but this is a new low, even for Tucker Carlson. You know, I’m not gonna sit here and defend Crenshaw whatsoever, but what Carlson did here was absolutely wrong. And

Of course it shows that he has no real argument to make. You can be concerned about two things at once, by the way, Tucker, you can be like, yeah, we need to send 40 billion to Ukraine. But at the same time, we also need to be taking care of people here in the United States. You know, that’s my take on the whole thing too. Am I happy that we sent 40 billion to Ukraine? Not exactly, but if it helps prevent Russia from overtaking the country, I guess I’m okay with it. I don’t want Russia to succeed here at all. You know, there’s a sovereign nation that was attacked. They need help. We’re helping them. But at the same time, we got lots of people here that need help, but I can care about two things at once because I’m not a total moron, but apparently Tucker Carlson can’t handle that.

He can only have one thought in his little brain at a time. And apparently that one thought is how can I insult this man who just a couple years ago, I was going to the mat for, because somebody made fun of his eye patch on a comedy show. Oh, how things have turned, right. Tucker you’re right there doing the very thing you railed against. And of course, another one of the reasons Tucker Carlson wants to take a shot at Dan Crenshaw is cuz Dan Crenshaw’s star has been rising for quite a while now, right in the beginning, Crenshaw was a little bit, you know, with the Matt Gateses and the Marjorie Taylor greens and all those. But in the last, you know, really 12 months Crenshaw has kind of turned a corner.

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