May 29, 2022

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US Election 2020: Will Arizona turn its back on the Republican Party? – BBC Newsnight

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The Republicans have won Arizona at almost every election since 1952 when Dwight D Eisenhower was elected – apart from Bill Clinton’s 1996 win. How will the state vote in the upcoming election? Subscribe to our channel here:

Although it’s tempting to see the US presidential election as one big campaign, in reality it’s 50 smaller battles. 

For challenger Joe Biden, victory will come if he manages to flip a tiny number of marginal states.

One of his principal targets is Arizona, where the population is changing fast.

The state that has voted for Republicans for generations – apart from the 1996 election – and returned the late senator John McCain to the Senate for three decades looks like it could be slipping out of the president’s hands. 

According to the polls, Latino voters are making the difference. 

Is the state that has voted Republican for generations slipping out of President Trump’s hands?

US Correspondent David Grossman reports.

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