US mass shootings: ‘Are deaths worth the freedom of gun laws?’ – BBC Newsnight

A 21-year-old white nationalist opened fire on strangers in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, invoking what he called “the Hispanic invasion of Texas” as he killed 22 people.
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Frank Figliuzzi, former assistant FBI director for Counterintelligence, compared the shooting to Islamic radicalisation due to “a growing body of heat-filled extremists who are radicalising online… finding like-minded extremists and then coming together to encourage each other to violence.”

“The unfortunate part of this… they are finding some form of license in the president who has been using rhetoric… that seems to incite and inflame these extremists,” he tells Newsnight.

But Republican spokeswoman Liz Harrington said no one was to blame for “these heinous, despicable, evil acts, other than the perpetrators”.

“President Trump is no more to blame for El Paso, than the Democrats are to blame for Dayton, where the shooter was a socialist,” she added.

Hours after the El Paso attack, nine more were killed in a shooting on a busy nightlife district in Dayton, Ohio.

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