WHo Is this X President Trump?

This website is all about the X President Donald Trump

Here are just a few facts of the Lies that Donald Trump led this country with.
The fact that so many people voted for him is appalling.
People that support trump are either some sort of crazy Q group, criminals or very miss led and need to really research the truth.
The truth is not that hard to find. Every thing that came out of Trumps Mouth was a lie.

  1. Beware! Nothing he says is true. In fact, nine months into the pandemic, health experts warn that, far from the coronavirus slowing down, the next few months could be its most dangerous stage yet. More than 8 million Americans have already contracted the disease, and over 225,000 have died from it. And it’s not fading away. During the last week, some 60,000 new cases and 900 deaths were reported. On Friday, October 17 alone, after a slight decline over the summer, 10 states, both red and blue — Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming — reported the highest number of new coronavirus cases ever. Nationwide, on October 17, a total of 69,100 new cases were reported — the highest number since July 29. The same evening, at a campaign rally, the madman said we “are turning the corner” on the pandemic and insisted people are “tired of hearing about it.”

    Source From <https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/opinion/bill-press-typhoid-donald-lock-him-up/ar-BB1fU5Ou?ocid=msedgntp>


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